Women’s Ministry

Being Washed in the Word

Our Women’s Ministry seeks to encourage, disciple, nurture and minister to the women of Heritage Baptist Church and our community.

When We Meet

Our women meet weekly for a Bible study on Tuesday mornings at 10:15 AM at the church (in the multipurpose room). The first Tuesday of each month the women meet in the evening for a time of prayer and fellowship.

Our women are currently studying through the book, A Holy Fear: Trading Lesser Fears for the Fear of the Lord. A Holy Fear unpacks what the “fear of the Lord” means and what it looks like in our lives. It will show examples of such fear in Scripture. It will explore the fruits of fearing the Lord as well as the promises of God to those who fear. And because the Bible teaches that the fear of the Lord disarms and weakens our lesser fears, A Holy Fear will help the reader apply what they are learning to their own heart, helping them turn from their lesser fears to a fear of the Lord.