Winter Retreat 2020 Flyer


  1. Sheri Axsom

    Hello! I registered Mitch Axsom, Sheri Axsom, and Lochlan Axsom a few weeks ago – I am getting ready to mail a check, but I was wondering if it is too late to cancel my (Sheri Axsom) registration. If it is too late, that is fine – please let me know that. We have had a lot going on in our family, and Mitch and I are also flying to Colorado to see our daughter, returning late on the 1st, and I have been considering staying home from the retreat. Mitch and Lochlan will still attend. Also, i signed Mitch and I up for a hotel style room – he is preaching on Sunday the 5th, so it would be great if he could still have the hotel-style room. Again – if it is a problem with cancellation, I can still come…

    • admin

      Hey Mrs. Sheri! Sorry for the late response. I did get a more updated email from Bro. Mitch about you deciding to come after all. We have you scheduled to come to the Winter Retreat. If anything changes, please let me know. We completely understand if you have to miss the retreat due to family circumstances.

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