It is our desire at Heritage to focus our activities and ministries toward bringing the greatest good to the souls of the members and all Christians. Our interest are more in people than programs. Apart from our regularly stated meetings of worship and our Sunday School program for all ages, we have family fellowships, mens’ meetings, ladies’ fellowships and youth activities, each held at different times of the week, the month, and various times of the year. Each activity is organized and scheduled to minimize time taken away from the family, which is of primary importance.

On a national level, Heritage is an active member of both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA). With all these churches we unite for cooperative efforts in several areas: foreign missions (where we send and support church planting missionaries who carry the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace to the ends of the earth); home missions (where we assist established congregations to plant new churches in the US); theological training where men train for the gospel ministry.

On the state level, we are members in cooperation with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. On the local level, we are in members in cooperation with the Northwest Louisiana Baptist Association.

We are a friendly church and seek to worship and serve the Lord God in an atmosphere of warm Christian fellowship. We extend to you a very warm welcome to come and visit with us. Again, along with Moses of old, we say “Come with us and we will do you good. . . (Numbers 10:29)